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What better way to create a shared memory and enjoyable experience with friends and family than your own private fishing charter. Our charters are an excellent bonding activity whether you’re new to fishing or an experience angler.

Unwind and enjoy nature – the peacefulness of being on the water, surrounded by beautiful scenery, will enhance your vacation experience. The thrill of catching good fish never gets old and it certainly makes for a festive and delicious dinner.

Capt Russell is an experienced and knowledgeable guide who is very familiar with fishing the Emerald Coast gulf waters near Panama City. He ensures your trip is enjoyable and offers valuable tips and assistance so you have a great time and a great catch. We provide the fishing gear, boat and tackle including rods, reels, bait, and safety gear to maximize the success of your trip and keep everyone safe at all times.

Capt Russell has been fishing the Panama City nearshore for over 25 years – he knows prime fishing spots and knows the fishing techniques that result in a great catch.

Many feel that nearshore fishing is even better than deep sea fishing … and here’s why:

  • Nearshore fishing takes place closer to the coast, up to about 9 miles from the coast. This proximity makes it easier to reach fishing spots. Less of your trip time is spent getting to fishing areas and more time is spent actually fishing.
  • The boat size needed to get to a nearshore fishing area can be smaller and the cost of your trip less. You get more for your money.
  • Nearshore fishing often takes place in calmer waters closer to the coastline, which can be advantageous for anglers who are prone to seasickness or prefer a more stable fishing experience. This also makes it a more accessible option for families or those new to fishing.
  • Nearshore waters are often teeming with a variety of fish species. Depending on the location, you may have opportunities to catch popular game fish like snapper, grouper, flounder, striped bass, redfish, and many others which provide an exciting fishing experience.
  • Nearshore fishing can be suitable for anglers of various skill levels, including beginners and those seeking a more relaxed fishing experience. It often requires less specialized equipment and techniques compared to deep-sea fishing.

All angler experience levels welcome – from beginner to professional!

We offer special trips for kids who are ready to get on the water and learn more about fishing. Capt Russell truly enjoys fishing with kids and is one of the few Captains in our area that offers a special trip for our younger anglers.

Bond together with a special day out together. You will enjoy this experience and then relive it together for years, if not the rest of your lifetime. We have friend and families that book charters with us every year to relive this special experience together and enjoy a fun day on the water.

Capt Russell has been a professional fishing Captain since 1994. He adapts his charter to the level of fishing his customers desire. If you’re an experienced angler and want a great Gulf Coast day of fishing, Capt Russell will ensure you have a great time and catch great fish.

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